Diablo 3 expands the player character’s arsenal

Class abilities and skill runes are visible in the game guide section of Diablo 3 official site. Diablo 3 expands the player character’s arsenal by leaps and bounds. Many items make a return in the form of magic, rare and unique types. It has been mentioned that some of the more popular Diablo I and II items may make a return, but that the color system could change, though normal and magic items are still white and turquoise respectively. There are purple-colored items as well, as seen in the game play video. The items also have a visual background color in the inventory depending on their type. Items with magical attributes will also give a visual effect when equipped by the character. This is a great improvement from the different color palettes that were used in Diablo II’s magic items.

For a list of all the items seen in the video, see here. Blizzard has stated that there will be no customization of characters outside of choosing your gender. However, the diablo series is known more for its custom avatar looks through countless different pieces of armor. The first game play trailer has shown that they have kept all the old armor slots: It also shows that they have added a slot for bracers and for pants. It has also been stated that all of the parts will have an impact on the visuals of the character, meaning that not only armor, helmets and weapons will make up your character’s appearance, an improvement from Diablo II.

Elixirs have been seen in the game as well, while in Diablo I they would give stat bonuses, there has been no official statement as to what functions they serve. However, it appears that they provide stat bonuses here as well, judging from the names matching with the types of stats in Diablo 3 powerleveling. Added by ZyccGems make reappearance, and it appears that there is another type of categories of gems than their power levels (chipped, flawed, etc.): prefixes such as square and star have been spotted. What they signify in item value and function is currently unknown. Gems have 14 quality levels, but only the first 8 can be obtained as drops from monsters, the rest must be crafted by the Jeweler Artisan. 

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