Diablo 3 has very in depth Armor, jewel crafting system

It has been released, The most Epic game to grace my computer in the last 10 years, and this is my scoop on it, Diablo 3 is absolutely incredible, I’m level 30 and Not even past the second act of the first difficulty, the skills are worth watching over and over again, the monsters flowing at me in droves fall as my monks hands  punch through them like a Hot Katana Blade through Butter. I don’t think there is much else you could possibly ask for from this game, there are endless amounts of items, and customization for them with the dyes are very fun in itself, all the colors look like they belong.

Diablo 3 has a very in depth Armor, weapon, and jewel crafting system to it as well. the individual smiths have to be upgraded to get to the point where the best items are at your disposal and for end game crafting you need to do a bit of dungeon crawling so you can find the highest levels of recipes to make the rare and possibly legendary equipment. In some game you place a color on an item and it looks horrible and you spend half an hour trying to find the perfect one, which seems to always end up being Black or Red. But with Diablo 3 this is definitely not the case.

The Gravy of the game comes with the dungeon crawling, I have always been the type of person to check every single nook and cranny of a game world that I am in but for Diablo 3 it’s like OCD, because the maps are randomly generated and a legendary could literally be in anything from a rock pile on the ground to spewing out of the stomach of a Monster that just so happened to be walking too close to me. you get the urge to check even the tightest corners hoping that it holds some amazing treasures. Blizzard definetly did a great Job on this game, and if it wasnt for me wanting to get the news to the Tezca community I’d still be playing it now. 

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