Diablo 3 hidden settings

Diablo 3 offers some hidden settings that can’t be accessed through its option menu. For more advanced tweaks, there is a file called “D3Prefs.txt”, which is located in your user folder at Be sure to make a local copy of the file, so you can go back and correct any of the settings.

Disable Trilinear Filtering
The trilinear filter smoothes out blocky pixels by interpolating between the neighboring pixels. This produces a smoother close-up view of items, walls, characters, etc. If you need more performance, set Disable Trilinear Filtering to “1″.

Reflection Quality
To increase the quality of reflections, set this entry to “1″. It may cost another FPS, but it will make reflections look slightly better.

Mipbias “2.000000″
This setting makes textures look even blurrier, but it will improve performance. If you’re experiencing problems, go back to the 0.000000 setting.

Display Mode Bit Depth “16″
The function reduces the color depth of Diablo 3 from the default “32″ to only “16″ bit. This will significantly decrease the amount of simultaneously displayed colors and the overall visuals—but you’ll get smoother gameplay. 

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