Diablo 3 I’ll never support DLC Guide

What we say isn’t always what we do. As gamers, we can let our passions guide us into making promises we can’t honor, pacts we can’t keep, or oaths we fail to follow.

But that’s alright. Really. Some promises are meant to be broken and some pacts are better off forgotten. Games and gaming culture are changing by the day, so the rules and morals we play by one moment might be useless or outdated the next. That’s not to say we’re all wishy-washy liars, just hard to pin down.

So are you guilty of telling a few gaming fibs? Find out as we explore the top empty promises in gaming (and why it’s ok to break them)….

$5.99 for a C-list character? No thanks. $3.99 for a re-skinned gun? Move along. And $9.99 for a half-assed minigame expansion? We’re not biting…. or are we? Now that nearly every new release is gunning for our digital wallets, there are always those who swear they’ll never shell out extra coin for content that arguably should’ve been included in the boxed copy. We talk a good game, but do we stick to our guns? The fact DLC has become standard practice indicates otherwise. Indeed, even the most strident anti-DLC warriors eventually break down and buy DLC for games they love on the lie they’ll really, really stick to their guns the next time around.

Why it’s ok: It’s your money. Do what you want. Some people buy fancy hats, some drink overpriced coffees, and others waste cash on cigarettes. So who’s to judge? The value of DLC is in the eye of the beholder, and that proposition boils down to how much you’ve enjoyed a game and how much more you’re willing to pay to spend more time within it. It’s ok to break this promise because our feelings about added content can change dramatically in relation to how much we love and/or hate the game on the receiving end. 

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