Diablo 3 Magician

Each injury count only light damage to 1/3, while waiting for the time interval only weapon attack 1/3. According to the monster’s blood to determine the sweep time is fast, or slow the other 1/3 weapon attack interval, etc. out of the second injury, the best way to black light your own choice.
Diablo 3 News
DPH weapons each injury is calculated, high-low attack speed weapons accounted for diablo 3 gold  much cheaper, vampire Adams Cowan is the artifact. Always thought that blacks laser damage is increasing with time, that is, the light touch of your long monster, the monster would be the appropriate time to injury.

Moderators test today and Yanmen only to find that it is not so simple when you light the monster continued, the damage is based on the time required for each attack 1/3 (eg IAS 1.5, then that is 0.66 / 3 that is 0.22 seconds to cause harm, which shows the number is displayed once every 0.5 seconds) because, in Sri Lanka to take an ax with a black light Cowen quickly swept hordes of monsters, sometimes can cause high damage, so also found in the hands of high DPH great advantage.

Blizzard may be habit, a lot of figures are all integrated 0.5 seconds, and then to 0.5 seconds per hop figures show, for instance seconds back, for example, how much cyclone whether you are 12 IAS jump damage. In order to prove that blacks in the same way, you can try when you quickly swept monster, there will be a time interval will jump out of harm.