Diablo 3 Master optimal bulid

Master staffing a mf model workers of 10 years ago, D2, D3 start landlord to go with the flow of the first Master for mf 1.02 era seconds back in circulation purgatory, 1.04 hit the vampire + hit back Archon spit, AFK 1.05 return. The current landlord think 1.05′s playability greatly improve the team brush ring very efficient 1.05 player interaction finally elevated to the status of online games.

Master a total of several major genres:

1, Archon flow and 1.04 is similar to the body and equipment increased by about 50% crit, about 20 crit back to blue, use whirlwind refresh Archon cd, laser output skills are 300% weapon damage. The advantage of this build is Archon form of high-output, high defense, and does not require mana. Drawback is of 5pp more difficulty monster blood is too high, it is difficult to maintain the Archon buff quickly kill another transfiguration skills single, can not use the Ice Armor, electric armor, cover complementary skills.

2, unlimited ice flow the same body equipped with about 50% crit, 20 storms back more than 2.0 IAS, cyclone refresh Ice Armor and ice ring cd violence or meteorite as triple output means. This should be a mage main build advantage of 1-10pp-take-all, can be very effective to control the market. The disadvantage is tired! Hand pain! Very boring!

3, other build corona flow, a stream, and I am sure you have tried to survive and output efficiency is not very well.

Cover to his teammates and his boss battle, boss volume is very large Diablo 3 Gold, as long as certain range close to the boss, death torrent do not need to go places you can hit, the best transmission replaced +20 damage upgrade dps, nearly clan Friends of ice Jordan, can replace the passive skills glass cannon cold the blood to improve the defense at the same time a further increase in dps. In addition to the passive skills illusionist proficient replaced the blur or different like turbulence, and further improve survival.

Usually mf when crushed ice A plus burst diamond pieces Rune actually better than improve the the maximum absorption injuries Crystal skin, because vampire magic weapon of choice, Baolie diamond pieces back to the blood, less 10,000 damage reduction, but can sucked back thousands of vampire weapons absorb more. Holocaust send nirvana, future the infinite blue plus illusionist proficient Rune, is a no cd Xueping at the same time be able to repel the monster with high attack speed equipment blue anger witch is really perfect, a Kanguan glance, ha ha!

The advantage of this set of build is not need to heap crit back to blue hat, two rings are equipped 0 Blue consumption, but this affect dps, so you can select two plus a crit back to blue equipment (main hand, the deputy or hat) will be able to ensure mana. Like Warcraft mage wasteland Warcraft sunglasses cloth fat, I reckon the total amount of blue fireball able to put a few open talisman, in which a fireball Diablo 3 Gold which a fireball. Ignite, which one fireball nibbling blue bottle, boss fell to the ground just empty blue dps certain maximum.

Mf I usually back to blue deputies + Skull Ring (-4) + perforated hat (-5) + demon quit, 66% increase in experience to take into account the leveling. When playing device boss can be equipped with back blue deputies + Jordan (-5), Storm the crow (-5), skull ring (-4) 3 any two the highest dps excellent. Another necklace -5 consumption of blue, Mara’s Kaleidoscope, the best intelligence, physical fitness, anti-crit, attack speed and storm damage, but unfortunately not seen, the saw over + the monk ponley 3 attack Mara . Station scull the 6pp Gang Farm video ready, to audit etc. Youku End will be able to publish. Gang Farm 36,033,268 blood, kill 18 seconds, dps 2,001,848 landlord full buffdps30 million, taking into account the network delay and skills cd death torrent 670% of the damage is very accurate. Seemingly highest crit 120000 

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