Diablo 3 Open World Discussed

The inability to freely skip between acts once Diablo 3 is completed has been a major gripe of players since release. Blizzard is finally acknowledging this and referenced some brief internal discussions to add this feature into the game. They mention removing quests and cinematics while offering a sort of free roam options between the four acts. Of course none of this is confirmed or even likely to happen, it was merely mentioned by one of the developers and players are overreacting.

A free roam style of Diablo 3 would add some fun to the game, but there are more pressing concerns which should be addressed first; class balancing and itemization comes to mind. However the convenience of traveling between acts will lead to maximum farming efficiency and less time spent remaking games. Most players already skip every cinematic and quest so this open world feature seems to be a logical step for Blizzard to take.

Blizzard currently has so much on their plate for Diablo 3 that one should not expect any serious conversations on this topic for months. It would not be surprising to see this feature implemented in the expansion if the Diablo 3 team even decides to go through with it. 

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