Diablo 3 PS3 gameplay footage released

The presentation was hosted by Diablo 3 game director Josh Mosqueira, who said: “It was really important to us that you guys, PlayStation players, felt that this version was hand built, not just for the PS3, but specifially for the DualShock controller.”

Earlier this month, Blizzard announced a Diablo 3 release date of September 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Customers who pre-order will receive an exclusive in-game item, the Infernal Helm, which grants an experience point boost to any character who wears it.

New additions to the title include same-screen co-op for up to four people and an evade move designed to “make the game feel like a console game from the ground up”.

“The other thing we’ve really tweaked is loot,” said Mosqueira. “At the heart of the Diablo experience is finding magical items and loot, and that’s one of the things we’ve really changed for Diablo on console, because we want our players to be playing the game and not the inventory.”
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The game is also in development for PS4. The next-gen version will use the touchpad on the new DualShock 4 controller to make UI and inventory navigation more intuitive.