Diablo 3 remote infinite ice wizard compatibility share ideas

The Build core is with their secret method meteorites instead of Diablo 3 Gold explosive skills, thus liberated the mage output distance, greatly increasing the safety factor; Another output skill electricity ball instead of the cyclone, alleviated the players cabala consumption of pressure.

This Build only need two attributes: be crit and crit back to the secret. Their own crit heap to 35%, and 3% of lyndon is OK, and crit back to secret is in at least 15 point above. The building Lord equipment in addition to secondary auction buy 50 w beyond, and the other is the output. Crit back to secret chose deputy eight points and hat 9.

Introduced by the output mode shows that this Build security:

Ordinary strange group: anticipation monster go a hands and even satellite gun, then flash into strange pile of Diablo 3 Items ice ring, then 3 gun hit down your ice ring also refresh, then began to infinite ice cycle. The decrease in the number of monsters to crit couldn’t keep up with, play electric ball for crit auxiliary. General melee elite game as above.

Take cabala blessing, against melee skills such as elite: judge the safety area from short blink, in high crit next flash CD is not a problem. The Build another advantage is the scene than explosive cyclone infinite ice much cleaner, can easily see the location of the monster skills.

Succubus fatty blinking and remote elite: use this Build is much more relaxed, never not overtake strange troubles, anticipation position. Remote hit satellite gun can, without the consumption of electricity ball then use whirlwind better than. Look at the situation with flash and ice ring control field can.

Summarize the advantages:Introduction is very easy, only need to heap crit and back to the secret, the other attributes can be fate. Auction single crit equipment should not expensive, anyway I was myself out. 1 million easily calm! With remote output means, short CD blink and clear vision, can be active to avoid most of the elite skills. Therefore D3 Gold health and resistance there is no need to heap, that he would not be seconds will do.Dozen elite is tempo flash go a fit infinite ice operation up very with feeling, playing more than spontaneous detonation infinite ice without brain hand cramps more happy!

Faults summarized and Suggestions:Satellite gun skills delay lead to deal with specific D3 Items Items not easy to hit, needs a lot of practice to strengthen the anticipation ability and release handle.Don’t think in this Build becomes real fighter infinite ice, any skill is easy to kill you. So try to keep seamless crystal shield, in blank period with a flash go.