Diablo 3 small commonly known as setting to discuss blizzard said no problem

Discussion about small quick setting is reasonable, the BBS a player versions out complaining now set and with small size is easy, with round outside a community manager.

Small crash in diablo 3 is very easy, whether or not you are a man. Though the developers to experience sharing scope made some Settings, but obviously in general is to allow players to crash (although the expert mode with small size is a little risk, because make sure small die). Designers can also add some gem grade requirement, can’t add more than your current game schedule, or went further restrict a strange upgrade to limit the speed. But clearly team did not do so because they understand that most of the players seem to like it.

But the players have a little advice is worth agree: it is to make ordinary/nightmare/hell difficulty have play value. Some reward or characteristic value of the goods and so on is good, after all, the only expert mode of the market value of the items have some materials does seem low difficulty is a waste of time, skip the better as soon as possible. If the introduction of such a design, so players can more freedom to choose is to upgrade or directly into a level 60 large late behead demon in addition to the road.

Prison fire demon ring + Leo rick bull + cayne set + + MP10 + level 60 large insert gem helmet,

Normal, nightmare, purgatory only needs to be done with less than an hour. I think it has a problem. You shouldn’t be so fast. Plus there will be some level 20 “equipped with 2.0″ suits, but who would want to go to collect? You take trumpet has half the players to kill all the fun.

1. To take small crash becomes impossible.
2. In normal, nightmare, and hell can join some of the everyone can drop so they could have their own value. Some type of currency. That is to say, let ordinary, nightmare, and hell is worthy, or just a pure waste of time.
3. To lower the difficulty of upgrading the progress of the more logical. Because now, if you choose MP10 and self-improvement, you experience value is too high, you grow up prematurely than the game content, also is the final play not to come out what things can be used. This is so stupid.

Your definition of fun may be the definition of the different with others. Different players like to play in a different way. For example, I like to own up step by step into the inferno, while others (may have several roles at level 60) prefer to depend on a friend’s help to fight into the inferno as soon as possible. Take away their fun and game will let them hurt, and kill the joy of the game of players between different grades. 

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