Diablo 3 why I think Blizzard is the most successful one

While ago to see the players on the AH reviews I was a little idea, I hope that we deal with to see. Fact, AH I think is Blizzard’s most successful one-why? Reason I summarize as 3:00.

First, the perfect combination of stand-alone games and online games!

I think most players playing Diablo 3 when will it as 10 years ago, stand-alone game to play, a man played the first chapter, the second chapter. Ordinary, nightmare. . . . Up saw only 4 individuals (team) and hit the equipment is very limited, and finally hit pieces JP equipment indeed found not own use; longer or cups (I believe every encountered) When you encounter a wave the elite or BOSS continuous dead twice, three times, five times, 10 times. How you will be depressed? Answer is: will! Then AH help us solve a lot of problems. Array of equipment Let’s refreshing, a cheap and good equipment, the only point slower bought by others also let us sigh, millions of players in a platform game transactions charm!

Second, trend-charging mode, virtual connection with reality perfect Diablo 3 Gold!

A I is playing a computer game players in 18 years, looking back now, Blizzard is really to bring people countless new ideas.

Diablo advent: the history of the first paragraph, kill monsters, equipment falling one place game, allows us to appreciate the pleasure of BOSS big explosion;

Starcraft: the first-ever professional athletics class when it come out can be a very strong operational real-time strategy game;, far more than Call of Duty, Red Alert and other games, to bring you the real combat excitement;

World of Warcraft: online game epic works, a copy of the concept, the talent system, Arena ladder, ask which one not across the idea, to this day, I still can not forget the spectacular, tens of thousands of people queued open service, and that great sense of urgency wait, as well as the first station to Orgrimmar shock!

Diablo 3: In this era of online games flying, props Diablo 3 Gold, cards have become the agents have a fixed means of accumulating wealth; Diablo 3 bring us anything? No. lifelong free time to buy! Cash auction house! (Small part handling fee charged) When I see that when this introduction, I have lamented the Blizzard smart! such a means of more easily accepted by all, but will make more money. An idea to change the traditional rules of online games, but I have to say, I like it, because I’ve been through transactions on the network cheated experienced to spend money to buy things overpaid; Therefore, I believe it!

Third, the the giant trading platform fun, bring gold coins in the fingers rotating pleasure!

In real life, I was a sales people do find that so interests, make the difference, so I enjoy; do not know if you are scouring the auction house equipment fried equipment experience, at least in WoW, I dry However, the kind of transaction pleasure, really exciting. Diablo 3 bring us what -? Millions trading platform! Ask previous games we played up a server how many people? 5000? 10000? Still 20000? Diablo brings us hundreds of thousands, millions of people trading platform, which means countless opportunities left to find it, as long as you have the patience Diablo 3 Gold, discerning, the day hundred million gold real, not a dream.

Said many, in fact, no clue, just my personal point sentiment sincerely hope that all game happy! 

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