Diablo III confirmed for Xbox 360

Blizzard has announced an Xbox 360 version of Diablo III alongside a release date of September 3 on Microsoft’s console and PS3. PlayStation versions of the action RPG were first confirmed at Sony’s PS4 reveal event in February, but an Xbox 360 edition wasn’t official until today. Asked if an Xbox One release is also on the cards, a Blizzard spokesperson told Joystiq the company didn’t have any further platform announcements to share “at this time”.

The console versions of Diablo III will feature a “dynamic camera perspective that puts your hero front and center” of the action, a new user interface and a fresh control system designed for pads. They’ll also support a four-player co-op mode, either locally on a single screen, online, or through a combination of the two.

Participating retailers are now taking pre-orders for the console versions of the game, which have a suggested retail price of $59.99. Those who pre-order will receive access to an exclusive in-game bonus item, the Infernal Helm, which grants an experience point boost to any character who wears it. Both versions will be fully localised in English, German, French, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime commented: “Playing Diablo III on a big screen with your friends brings a whole new level of intensity to the game, and with all of the control and interface adaptations we’ve made, it’s extremely fun to play on PS3 and Xbox 360. In addition to the fine-tuning we’ve done for the console versions, we’re also including major content and design updates we’ve made to the PC version over the past year.”

The PC version of the game has sold over 12 million copies since releasing last May. We said in our original Diablo III review: “Though it might lose the long life that the previous Diablo had due to missteps with new features, it’s still an extremely fun game, and a worthy successor to the Diablo throne.” 

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