Do need a Diablo 3 Guide to Play Diablo 3?

Dual Wielding is another concept where a lot of players have confusion. Dual Wielding does not double your damage. You alternate between right and left hand and you get 15% additional attack speed on top of existing attack speeds of each weapon. Thus in order to have an effective dual wielding build it is important to have two weapons with significantly low damage difference. Wielding two weapons with different elemental properties also helps a lot.If you liked these tips on power leveling your Monk in Diablo 3, then don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.

Now, you’ve probably seen that “Diablo 3 Secrets Guide”… Yeah, i bought that one too, and let me tell you, it’s a complete ripoff. Its just some copied, not-tested rehashed info. Nothing useful, just a waste of your time. There are probably around 10 Diablo 3 Strategy Guides. All of them claim to be the best, and all of them say the same stuff over and over again. But let’s be honest here: I am a competitive gamer, I play games and write strategy guides. I’ve actually bought them all and I’ve actually read them all. And let me tell you that the real Diablo 3 Guide.

You also can play Diablo 3 without a guide, its just going to be less fun because you’re going to have to worry about keeping up with your friends, not dying, getting gold, gear, leveling up and grinding. The Best diablo 3 guide –teaches you how to do all of the above and leaves you to have all the fun. There are tons of Diablo 3 gold guide out there, from e-books, and paid special emails. However, all of these tutorials and tips all boil down to one thing – you should stay committed in looking for gold and not be afraid to do things differently. When you are looking for a website to buy Diablo 3 gold, it is a good choice to buy gold from our website. We provide Diablo 3 gold and Diablo 3 powerleveling service, all are handy made, the safe is guaranteed.  

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