FFXIV shows off A Realm Reborn on the PS 3

Final fantasy XIC the PS3 version has been started, when the player hopes to it more and more high, at the same time it also under tremendous pressure.When Final Fantasy XIV first launched, it was with the promise of a PlayStation 3 version in the near future. That was before the game underwent numerous staff changes, and after two years, it may have seemed to fans as if the game would never come to consoles. But the PlayStation 3 version is a reality, and the team at Square-Enix has released new screenshots of the game’s UI and in-game graphics on the console version to prove it.

The overall look is a bit cleaner than the PC version of the UI that players have seen previously, although the graphics are a bit softer around the edges. But it’s still recognizably the same game. This batch also includes some concept art for new role-focused chocobo barding, something that’s sure to excite fans of the yellow birds. Take a look at the gallery for all of the screenshots and concept art.

It looks so gorgeous and much more alive, the lighting is much better even though the textures may have taken a hit, well until we get the high res version. And if they have corrected LOD issues and that annoying clipping you get while approaching objects from afar you’ll color me impressed.

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