FFXIV Stone Vigil

The first dungeon in which you can start picking up endgame currency, Stone Vigil is more like Brayflox than its predecessors. It’s not a treasure extravaganza, but the bosses are the right mix of challenge and fun, the layout is clean without being simple, and the pulls along the way aren’t something you can face on autopilot. A solid dungeon all around.

The second boss really puts the truth to how important good DPS play really is; the boss is trivially easy to tank to the point where I just stood in the doorway tanking without even moving on my first run through. Running later as DPS it became a lot trickier and more involved. FFXIV Power leveling The last boss, meanwhile, will really force everyone to play at peak — there are lots of mechanics so that everyone stays active, but nothing that’s cheap or overly ornate. Fun place, really.

This is probably one of my favorite dungeons, although the random drops kill me in here. This is the second dungeon to contain a unified set of armor for each role (Battlemage, Infantry, and Cavalry) and also one of the most treasure-laden dungeons available, with good odds of getting five greens and four aetherial items on a single run. If it dropped tomestones, no one would ever leave. I still probably won’t leave for quite some time, as despite my best efforts I haven’t seen an Infantry Shirt drop once in my several dozen runs.

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