FFXIV the game is designed the way that

One of the things that the game skillfully avoids is using a zone and then abandoning it. I was questing in Eastern Thanalan on three separate occasions, each time in a different segment than I had explored before. If you head to the North Shroud early on you find yourself with several quests in a low-level region… along with Banemites milling about just on the other side of a bridge.

There are lots of places where the game seems primed for a full-on rant. FFXIV Power leveling The numerous times that the game comes to a screaming halt for an instanced raid, for example, something that it does on 13 separate occasions. Or the quest that requires you to run across Thanalan, have a conversation, run back across, then up to Gridania through several points with no convenient connections, and then back to your origin point with nary a sidequest along the way. Heck, the initial Primal fights don’t give you anything aside from a pittance of experience.

And yet the game never triggered my ranting gland. At no point did I throw up my hands and decide that this simply wasn’t worth the effort.

Part of that was a combination of timing and my own character choices. I decided early on that I wanted to play my Marauder for a good chunk of the storyline, and a good tank never wants for friends. And it’s early in the game’s lifecycle. People with less time to play are still moving through things, so there’s heavy demand for doing things that are otherwise less than desirable. (There is never a reason to re-queue for Garuda story mode.)

But a lot of it is due to the way that the game is designed, starting with a steady ramp-up in instances, threats, and general scope.

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