FFXIV’s dungeons

My interest in Final Fantasy XIV is not purely about racing to the endgame, but I am well aware there is an endgame. And while I’m easily distracted by the pursuits of other goals such as leveling Arcanist, I’d rather be on the early side to the party. There’s nothing wrong with not being the first at endgame, but I’d prefer to beat the rush, if you know what I mean. So my playtime has been focused a bit more toward getting to the end of the story quick-like.

This also means going through a lot of FFXIV Power leveling dungeons. I’m not quite up to the last rush, but considering a lot of people I see are still moving into stuff I left behind a while ago, I’m still a bit ahead of the parabola. So let’s take a look at the dungeons along the path from level 1 to level 50 after the initial set (which I covered back in beta).

The first three dungeons require a visit, but this is the first dungeon in the game that’s optional. There’s a quick quest explaining what it is and why you should go there (there’s stuff in there), but if you want to reach the level cap without ever stepping inside (and without ever filling out your Grand Company hunting log), you can feel free. That having been said, there’s some good stuff in here, and it’s another step up of the mechanics that were present in the first three dungeons.

All three bosses require dealing with adds, and that means that all three are really requesting that DPS players step up their game. Tanks can easily hold the bosses with few issues, but DPS can’t be on cruise control either. It’s a theme that is lightly addressed early on and reaches a climax much later, so look forward to that.

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