Final Fantasy XIV FATEs

While the idea sounds nice, there are a few major issues with FATEs as they stand. For starters, they’re currently the single most efficient way to level, due to their frequency of occurrence and the sheer XP reward (for gold-level contribution, at any rate) compared to the amount of time required to complete them. This has led, as in many other games focused on public events, to players simply forming massive roaming death-squads and steamrolling through FATE after FATE in search of precious XP.

Unfortunately, FATEs don’t scale particularly well after a certain point (if they even scale at all; I haven’t been able to tell, frankly), which results in most FATEs being completed within a minute or two of spawning, and if you’re playing a class that relies on abilities with substantial cast times, good luck getting a hit on anything before its HP melts away under the weight of the zerg.

In the more sought-after FATEs, such as the Cancer fight in Costa Del Sol and the Behemoth battle in Coerthas Highlands, it seems as if the game itself is even working against you. FFXIV Power leveling Even if your rig is hardy enough to withstand the framerate hit that so many players in such a small area incurs, you probably won’t escape the wrath of the game’s model rendering prioritization, which frequently causes mobs or friendly players to simply not appear until they’re inches in front of your face. And as a healer, I can assure you that there’s nothing more infuriating than finally managing to target that guy who’s low on health and hopping around like a psychotic rabbit only to have him phase out of existence because he got too far away.

There are, of course, other options for leveling. Guildhests are instanced missions that seem to be designed to teach players the basics of MMO dungeon running, including such lessons as “don’t stand in the bad” and “let the tank pull,” which is great for new players, but the experience they grant is abysmal after you’ve collected the bonus for first-time completion, so players don’t have much of a reason to do them more than once.

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