Final Fantasy XIV of features and UI

There’s no denying that Square Enix has taken titanic strides in revamping its much-maligned MMO. Whole game systems have been torn apart and rewoven into something barely recognizable, and I’m not even going to entertain whether or not the changes were for the better. They absolutely were. The real question here is whether it will be enough to change the game’s course. And as it happens, that’s just the question I plan to answer in this multi-part edition of Second Wind.

One of the first things returning players will notice about A Realm Reborn is that the UI has been completely reworked. Unlike its predecessor, the new UI is sleek, modern, and remarkably user-friendly. FFXIV Power leveling It’s much easier to navigate, eschewing the archaic menu system for a more up-to-date hotkey-centric approach, and generally it’s a massive improvement.

But still, the UI isn’t perfect, and it omits a number of features that would be incredibly useful. The current inventory system is something of a mess. There’s no way to automatically sort your inventory (yes, I know, there’s an option in the character settings, but it applies only to new items being added and does nothing if your inventory is already full and disorganized), and manually rearranging items between inventory tabs is tedious to say the least.

There are no side-by-side item comparisons when mousing over a prospective new piece of gear, and the tooltip shows only the differences between the item’s basic stats (such as physical and magic defense for armor). It doesn’t show stats, which are infinitely more important 99% of the time. These are quality-of-life issues moreso than gamebreaking bugs, but reducing tedium is important in ensuring that players can focus on the game itself.