Final Fantasy XIV Zodiark

Look, there’s a whole lot to be speculated upon here, and I’m not going to re-write the work that others have put together. The bottom line is that however this plays out, there are things we do not know about the Ascians. Quite frankly, my first guess is that there is more going on between Hydaelyn and the Ascians than we know about and that this dynamic is not quite as clear as it seems on the surface. We might be looking at a Promathia situation here, in other words.

Having said all that, I really hope that it’s a while before we get back to the Ascians in this degree. We’ve foiled one of their plots and dealt them a blow, FFXIV Power leveling but they’re not very compelling villains at the moment. And it would be great if we saw other storylines explored in more depth before we got to have another go at this root problem.

And the game doesn’t lack for new antagonists. We know that the Dravinians are barely being held back by the Ishgardians who desperately need outside help, and we know only the bare minimum of what the Dravinians are actually like. It’s the perfect time for Ishgard to open her gates and let adventurers aid the great city against its foes with the Empire no longer bearing down upon the three nations. At the same time, it’s also a perfect chance for Eorzea to start taking land back from the Empire, starting with Ala Mhigo and continuing north.

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