Game Master Interaction

At some point, you may interact with a Game Master (GM). It is important to be sure you are speaking to a real GM. There are three methods by which a GM may contact you:

Via In-game chat
Via email
In person

Communicating with a Game Master

In-Game Chat
Most often, Game Masters will contact you in-game via whispers. Game Master chat shows in its own chat widow.  In order to access the GM Chat Window you must first click on the GM Chat Request icon located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This icon will only appear if a GM is attempting to contact you and will blink with a blue border any time a message is received.
Unable to see the GM Chat Request Icon or Chat Window
There may be some UI modifications that could cause the GM Chat Request icon to be invisible. To prevent this from occurring, we recommend that you restore your UI to its default settings.

Ticket Icons Disappearing
If we are unable to reach you in-game or if the issue does not require any further information, the GM may send an in-game message to the character that submitted the ticket. You can also see all ticket responses in your Ticket Status page.
Note: Check both locations before resubmitting a ticket.

In Person
Rarely, a GM may need to make themselves visible when contacting you. Visible GMs can be identified by the  tag that is located above their avatar as shown below.
All email communications from GMs will now come from If there is any doubt about the authenticity of any email you receive from an address, we suggest you visit our Account Security page for more information about scams, phishing e-mails and security in general.

Game Master Interaction Policies
Once you have established that you are communicating with a real Blizzard Entertainment representative, please ensure that you keep the following policies in mind. We take violations of these policies very seriously, and any behavior that goes against the policies listed below may result in penalties against the violating account.

Impersonating a GM
Some players may attempt to use the authority of the GMs to take advantage of others. All GMs will contact players using one of the methods detailed above. If someone claiming to be a GM does not appear this way, they are not official Blizzard Entertainment employees and should be reported to the GM staff.

Defrauding or Attempting to Defraud a GM
If we find that an attempt was made to defraud a GM, the offending player may have action taken against them. Attempts to defraud a GM include, but are not limited to, misdirecting a GM’s attention, withholding information, providing false information, and any attempt to trick a GM.

Disobeying or Ignoring GM Instructions
At times it may be necessary for a GM to instruct a player to perform (or refrain from performing) certain actions. In any event, the GMs will be attempting to preserve the enjoyment of the game for the majority of players. Disobeying or ignoring a GM’s instructions may result in an account penalty.

Harassing the GM Staff
Time spent dealing with issues that have already been closed keeps the GM staff from addressing other players’ pressing issues. If a single player or multiple players repeatedly send abusive tells, abusive tickets, or multiple tickets on the same closed issue to the GM staff, or otherwise misuse our reporting system, they will be asked to stop, and if they continue, may receive an account penalty.

Excessive use of Abusive Language
It is understandable that a player contacting the GM staff might be upset over an issue they experienced in the game. However, the use of abusive or foul language directed toward the GM Staff is inappropriate and unproductive. If a player uses this type of language when communicating with a GM, they will be asked to stop. If they continue, they may receive an account penalty.
Violating any area of the Terms of Use (ToU), including the areas detailed above, will often result in temporary suspension from the game.
Note: If you would like to appeal a penalty placed on your account, contact our Account Administration team.
It is important to follow these guidelines when dealing with Game Masters. A GM will never ask you to do anything that would compromise an account or its personal information. GMs will make every attempt to show you the respect you deserve. We ask that you show us the same respect. We take no joy in assigning account penalties, but sometimes must do so to preserve the integrity of the game. 

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