General : Former CCP Games President Creates Fitness MMOGeneral : Former CCP Games President Creates Fitness MMO



Former CCP Games President Mike Tinney is working with a new studio called Fitness Interactive Experience (FIX) and creating a fitness MMO called UtiliFit. According to our information, Utilifit is being designed to get people up and moving through an ‘interactive social media platform’.
Founded in 2012, FIX has recently finished prototyping UtiliFIT, a mobile platform-based activity game that challenges its players to complete micro-physical challenges throughout the day.  UtiliFIT enables players to cooperate and compete with each other on a large scale and to interact meaningfully with people around the world while building healthier, more active lives.  An early playable beta version of the game will become available in December – just in time for New Year’s resolutions and to help offset holiday season weight gains.