Guild Wars 2 : A Threat ApproachesGuild Wars 2 : A Threat Approaches



As we move through November, the approach of the latest Guild Wars 2 seasonal event, The Lost Shores, nears. In today’s Guild Wars 2 column, we take examine what’s already known and add a few thoughts of our own. Check it out!

Very little is known about the next large event to hit Guild Wars 2 this month, but let’s go over what we do know.  We know the event will be live on the 16th of November, and that it will be a one time event.  If you miss this, you missed it.  We also know it will open up a new map.  This alone is reason to be excited!  But what’s the scope of this event?  Will it just be a small intro to a new map?  ArenaNet is saying that The Lost Shores will be as large, or larger, than the Halloween event that has just passed.  With the way they have their live development teams set up, this could be very true. Not only that, but the changes will be more permanent in general.