Guild Wars 2 focus on exploration and discovery

Traditional quest system encourages you to focus on a check-list of tasks that you need to do. You login to the game in order to tick things off of the check-list. “I need to finish 4 quests in this hub, then go do those 3 quests, don’t even know where these 2 quests are, maybe will skip them because I also need to finish these other 5 quests.” To do list is what it is. You can take a break and explore the wilderness a bit or hang around in the ruins of the temple but the fact keeps bearing heavy on your mind that there 14 quests “pending” and you are “wasting” your time by exploring.

Playing any part of the game without quests is strongly discouraged by giving gear/XP rewards far better than doing any other activity. Even doing a dungeon without its associated quests is less than 50% as rewarding. And then put a limit on how many quests you can have in your log! There are add-ons that tell you the quest hub(s) you are missing which you need to get into the next zone! Guild Wars 2 focus on exploration and discovery encourages you to. You may never know what new adventure you might stumble upon when you login after work today! Explore the land, explore underwater, explore with a friend, explore alone. See where the fate takes you today, see what you will discover. There is no penalty for bumping into a cool event without visiting a specific NPC first. If you are really good at exploration, you might discover a new event hidden in the deepest corners of the world where nobody has gone before!

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