Guild Wars 2 : The Best Silly MomentsGuild Wars 2 : The Best Silly Moments


Saving the world is serious business but even that fact doesn’t preclude moments of laughter and amusement. In last weekend’s beta event, we ferreted out some humorous moments in Guild Wars 2. Read on!
Well I had a great weekend playing yet another Guild Wars 2 Beta.  The best part about these beta events is that we get to play with ArenaNet developers, who take the time out of their very busy schedule to show us around Tyria, and just generally chat it up. It’s a good time.  While having some fun conversations with developers I was pointed towards some of the more humorous aspects of the game.  It was just a friendly little reminder that we need to sit back and just have fun.  So I want to go through some of my favorite silly moments that I encountered during my beta adventures, and since I can’t do it in the form of song and dance, I’ll just use words and sketches.