How to play hunting Majin in diablo 3

From 1.03 to begin engineering, multiple mines grenade hit reflux. Was carefully orchestrated grenade flow, 2WDPS, free to combat A4. Grenade flow waste time really want to AFK … later persevered, may grenades flow with, until now, like standing against each other. Some friends joke that I have forgotten how to walk.

My DPS aside, sad case, open only 15w of specialization. Enough civilians. Enough EHP someone said overflow enough, but the blood of anti-I think the first factor is the delay. Conventional network speed, basically delay is 300 to 500.

Such a delay, I think EHP just low payable, however. Accustomed to the style of play. Want the brain Yingkang, or elegant shift has different requirements. IAS is my weakness. Such a low speed, in fact, is not what I want, just want to improve difficult.

The most expensive equipment 2E, cheapest 500w. The average price per sample probably 3000 ~ 5000w Diablo 3 Gold. Cock wire does not belong, the rich handsome is far worse. Mid-stream can blend into. The flower points RMB, or can reach a point Seaview toilet like. Play more casual, afraid of her husband more than 600 hours before more than 40 levels, and rarely through the brush, and never pay attention to the efficiency of the games focus on efficiency, tired.
Conclusions: First, for DH like me, how with loaded I think not deliberately. The first depends on the play of their own habits. I also know that the high efficiency of an infinite cluster, I also know that strafed Parkour can be achieved, but for so long to play down or like continuous stood output. Even if the efficiency is not so high, and to uncomfortable in accordance with their own.

Second, the existing equipment decided BUILD. Disaster child is currently very popular, plus quiver, Night, replace Na sleeve. This benefit is abandoned Na sets, high attack speed and high rate of violence to achieve precepts recovery.

But there are also insufficient, the precepts to restore unstable. Fight a boss or strange little easy breaking commandments. Although abandoned high Na sets of rear panel, there are good the crossbow and Na sets, hard to change is not affordable.
The game is a mood, a good attitude is important, do not play into metamorphosis. 

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