How to prevent the bulk of the Diablo 3 hacking

The D3 just begun but D3 will go on like this with wow an account password, wow measurement of hacking too mature, plus players awareness as well as the Blizzard the various BUG D3 of hacking can not effectively control it is doomed. demise. quickly and I do not want it, so the best I may “save” this this is not the fate of the game.

How the most effective preventive Blizzard and you Diablo III Gold stolen .Tied general order; game passwords do not tell the mailbox password, dish B know how your game and then try your mailbox, if the mailbox inside fruit Teruyuki on bad; facebook like something important, do not tell game password hacking people can get a lot more conducive to his hacking information from your facebook or mail inside because Blizzard Pass-mail form, such as CD KEY For another example, you fill in the security question is I graduated high school? Answer to this problem can be found inside from the mailbox; tasted landing sites like paste it the forum like best set into a simple password, otherwise The website data leakage when your game password is likely to be hackers sold daohaozhe hands, and went on to become a lamb to be slaughtered.

BN account to be replaced if the hacking people to guess your secret security , he can be replaced your BN account, this time you can only hang or Blizzard for the domestic players, I am afraid this for a long time to deal with, and the need to conform to retrieve your account as, so secret security try to set only will it be possible to think of you. the account was daohaozhe sealed ibid., submit identifying information can only help Blizzard, as long as the Blizzard confirmed 100% of your identity will help you solve that Blizzard do well. 

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