Jewelcrafting Introduced in The Burning Crusade

Jewel crafters unlock the surprising power in precious stones, creating potent jewelry and trinkets. They craft rings, amulets, and other objects of known mystical power, but they also cut gems to fit in socketed items like weapons and pieces of armor, granting those pieces of equipment unique properties. A talented Jewel crafter can count on a demand for their services in crafting special items, improving equipment, and shaping rare gems. Jewel crafters accrue many of the gems they need for their art from mineral veins, so Jewel crafters are often also familiar with the gathering profession Mining. Jewel crafting requires a Jeweler’s kit.

To create a jewel crafting design or cut a gem, first ensure that you have learned the design you’d like to use, and that you have the required gems, minerals and/or other special materials listed for that design. Minerals can be acquired with the mining profession (or often via the auction house), while gems can either be found, purchased from the auction house, or, more often, prospected. Prospecting gathers gems from ores. In order to prospect, place ore in your bags and choose the ‘prospecting’ ability from your professions menu. The ore will be consumed, and you’ll receive gems to use in your design.

Once you have the materials you need in your inventory, you can use jewel crafting to make designs or cut gems at any time and nearly any location – simply choose ‘jewel crafting’ from your professions menu, choose the item you’d like to make or gem you’d like to cut, and click ‘create’. When people have less real money to spend for wow gold, and there is a bigger chance that Blizzard will ban them for spending it, it is not a surprise. After the recent release of the novel ‘Rise of the Lich King’, Brack points out that the story and lore in that book closely follows that of the upcoming game, and it is likely that this pattern will continue in the future. 

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