Kingdoms of Amalur: Interactive Storytelling on FacebookKingdoms of Amalur: Interactive Storytelling on Facebook

 Inspired by the old “choose your own adventure books”, the Kingdoms of Amalur Facebook page has started a new community interactive story.

Community fans can log on to Facebook to see the progress of the story so far and can vote in a poll to determine where the story will go next. The setting of the story and the race/gender of the lead character has been determined but “this is just the beginning” according to developers.

In this installment, members of the Big Huge Games Narrative Design team (Lead Narrative Designer Erik J. Caponi, and Narrative Designers Andrew Auseon and Tom Murphy) share stories about their roles, how they shape the world of Amalur, and how visionary author R. A. Salvatore’s involvement has enriched the Reckoning team’s creative direction.