Looking for Wizard advices for Diablo 3

Soon to realized that this is the point when the game gets hard enough to reconsider my build, items, etc. Really still trying to play really careful, but this just doesn’t seem to be enough. I’ve already beaten the Skeleton King on hell, but got into more tough situations than I had overall in the first two difficulties. To make things easier, first I checked the AH to see on which level can I start to wear items that can give a noticeable boost for my character, thus I leveled (it’s probably going to be higher by the time I can get enough Diablo 3 gold to buy new gears).

My current stats are: As I see, to make things “cozy”, I probably should add an other 2k at least, and boost up resistances to around 200-250 (tell me if I’m wrong about it, I don’t really remember about my monk’s status when he was in hell). But the thing I’m most curious about is the skill build I supposed to have. I’m really used to this build, yet I think only Diamond Skin and Blur are the ones that I really should use. The Frost Nova and Wave of Force combo is something I use a lot to kill multiple enemies at once, but as the monsters are getting a noticeable boost on Hell, I don’t think it’s a viable anymore.

The site’s strategy section got a “Tier 1” build for wizards whom I was considering to use, but I’m sure it’s not the best way to go for a wizard either. Glass Cannon is not something I should use, if survivability is the most important. Also, why the Cold Blood passive, if only Blizzard does cold damage? Shouldn’t it be a better thing if at least 2 skills would benefit from the passive? I’d be thankful to see some tips and tricks, especially if an experienced HC wizard player could point out something I’ve been missing.