Mark Kern : If Guild Wars 2 Changed Everything, What’s Next?Mark Kern : If Guild Wars 2 Changed Everything, What’s Next?



Red 5′s Mark Kern is back with his bi-weekly column here at In this week’s article, Mark continues the discussion started in his last article about the death of quest hubs. He moves on to “what comes next”. See what this industry insider has to say before you leave your thoughts in the comments.
In my last article, I talked about the death of quest hubs and Guild Wars 2, which generated 258 comments (the geek in me wanted it to stop at a crisp 256, but alas, it was not to be). I had argued that Guild Wars 2’s more organic approach of discovering content through exploration and dynamic events, rather than being led by the nose through quests and hubs, was going to prompt a sea change in how MMOs get designed in the future. Many of you agreed, and yet many argued that Guild Wars 2 had not done enough to make the claim that it had truly reinvented the genre. So if Guild Wars 2 is still “grindy” to some, still not dynamic enough for others, then what *would* be the true next step? I think Guild Wars 2 has opened the door to a lot of fresh thinking, so let’s explore.


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