Mists of Pandaria about Theramore I

We know that Theramore is for hard times. We heard audio files and seen some articles in the files, and we know roughly what’s going to happen. Then now, it is worth looking back on the history of Theramore. It began as a haven for refugees who have fled the scourge and Arthas into a new country, surrounded by enemies and forced to fight alongside the Horde of orcs against the Burning Legion. Theramore resisted the split with his father, grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, Jaina Proudmore and the invasion of the Horde under Rexxar forces that led to the death of the Admiral. Things are hardly alone in Theramore after these events.
Surrounded by hostile swamps, bordered by forces of the Horde in the barrens of the North and West and thousand points to the South, and forced to deal with the Marauders of Totem-loss of trying to provoke a war on a large scale with the Horde, life in Theramore has never been easy. The revelation of the fate of Stormwind and its rise in the new Alliance, which was established following the third war put cheap wow gold Theramore in a strange position closest to their new allies of the night elves of Kalimdor and a safe port for the ships of the Alliance in the territory of the contrary Horde on Kalimdor East Coastbut always more and more marginalized in the boards of the Alliance. During this time, the leadership of Jaina and his desire for peace with the Horde had been tested, both advocate more aggressive position Varian Wrynn has taken on his return to Wuthering Heights and these members of its own regulations which were loyal not to its ideals, but those of his late father Daelin Proudmoore.
A last, best hope yet, it must be said that size Theramore a place for man on a dark Marsh and was on the way to overcome the difficulties which led the inhabitants of the city to find in the first place. Refugees of Lordaeron and the other kingdoms of the man destroyed by the scourge under Arthas and inmates by the Forsaken in Sylvanas and escaped, Theramore was the descendant of life former world of warcraft gold great Kingdom that held most of the North of the Eastern Kingdoms. Its destruction is more than a simple act of war, it brings an end to history as Kingdom. It ends all that we had left, of Lordaeron but of Kul Tiras as well, as no one has seen or heard of the nation of island since before the death of Daelin.
Theramore was born of the death of Lordaeron and the Jaina Proudmore meeting and his mentor Antonidas had with Medivh, known to them only as the Prophet. The argument of Medivh Lordaeron could not be saved convinced Jaina, who in his conviction took naval forces, it could have, and as many people as possible and sailed westward, arriving in Kalimdor. It is this group of toughened and refugee soldiers who were the nucleus around which would develop Theramore. This group was made up of sailors Kul Tiras, military Gilnean sent by Darius Crowley and the soldiers of Stromgarde and good Lordaeron, which means that Theramore has roots in four of the first seven kingdoms of humanity. 

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