New Continent of Pandaria

The good thing about playing a healer class is that you get a lot of attention and especially the guilds of other players. The reason is that they are usually not many players in WoW healer, and my experiences in general girls like to play as healers. Healers are the second to die after the warriors, as they usually have a lot of agro healing. Thus, due to the high demand and low supply of healers, usually in a guild, you will be constantly harassed to stay and play, because they can not really go into a dungeon or raid without healers.
So I guess if you have the favorable character, I love helping people, love and attention that healing is the role for you. And before I get on the damage dealer role, let me emphasize that the three characteristics most closely reflects healers on girls and wow gold sale in the game. Damage dealer classes are called DPS (damage per second) class in Wow and just about every other MMORPG. The work of a DPS class is to inflict as much damage as possible without pulling agro tanks.
DPS role is certainly the most popular role in World of Warcraft. In fact, most of the servers are flooded with DPS classes. So if you do the math game and you will see that short time, it is very difficult to get a group as a DPS class. What usually ends up happening for most DPS classes is that they would go solo and level that way. And it is really not that bad if you’re like me, who likes to be independent and do things occasionally. That’s really all I can say about DPS in this class WoW guide.
Play as healers require a lot of attention because they have to constantly keep an eye on everyone’s health and try to keep everyone’s life. Almost all classes in WoW can be considered as the class with the right talents DPS configuration tree, but of course, classes like Rogue, Mage, Hunter, Warlock and cheap wow gold fast in the game, Druid, Shaman, and and are the most preferred. So if you like to see the damage that these figures are important to your screen or just want to kill things, then DPS is the role for you. And finally healers as group lessons, so they are not very good for solo leveling which often leads to slow leveling.