The Forbidden Land Of Eureka Anemos Appears In FFXIV

The haze has dissipated around the Forbidden Land of Eureka Anemos in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online with the release of Patch 4.25. The new and unexplored fierce mysterious region, where the elements are in constant flux and the players will be challenged by the new combat models that they will have to master to obtain and improve new and powerful weapons. This patch also includes the newest chapter in the adventures of the extraordinary inspector, Hidibrand, and the seventh season of “The Feast” PvP.


The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos, is a large and unexplored area that brings several changes to the common pillars of the gameplay:

Exploration with several players: Up to 144 players can occupy the same instance. They will be encouraged to join in groups with other adventurers to hunt down notorious monsters and work towards the same goal.

Player Progression: Players will gain elemental experience to improve their skills in order to absorb the elements, and they can use the new Magic Board to customize their elemental affinity and explore Eureka.

Altered Combat Mechanics: A new strategy is required in the battle thanks to the elemental system, players must use the Magia Board to change the elemental affinity of their attacks to oppose the element of their enemy. Players will be able to customize the elemental attributes of their Magia Board before going out to explore using Magia Melder, and should carefully consider their plan depending on the goal of their adventure.

Rewards: Occasionally, players can earn protean crystals while exploring Eureka and can use them to improve their weapons and skills in this place with the help of the famous blacksmith, Gerolt.

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How Can You Sustain Your Maps In Path Of Exile?

In Path of Exile, some players have trouble with sustaining maps, so if my experience can help others even a little I thought I should share it, it is very simply that I will share some tips that help you to sustain maps:

Path of Exile

1.  Complete your atlas as much as possible. It is a couple weeks into the league and my atlas has been 157/157 after the third or fourth day. Trade 820 is a great place to swap maps you have for others that you don’t. Do not even have to sit in the chat with all the spam just Copy paste what you have and what you are looking for and every time you finish a map just paste it and then turn trade chat back off.

2.  Try to finish one tier before moving onto the next Very commonly people take their highest map and run it. If they don’t get any drops or like a -2 they feel completely bummed that they have to drop down a couple tiers from where they just were.

3. Do not be afraid to buy a map here and there I am not telling people to buy a ton of maps but in the same example above, if you are trying for an hour to swap t7 maps for that last one you need, it is simple to go buy it for a chaos (or w/e going rate happens to be) and move on to your next tier. Then feel free to sell some maps of a couple tiers lower that you will no longer need/use to make the money back.

4. Do every zana mission that is at the right level This one I feel is more common sense, but if you are in say a t12 map and you get a zana she spawns -1, 0, +1 level of her next. So getting zana in a map you are in is a 100% free extra map that you can get map drops + currency from.

5. Chisel all your maps that are t11+ This is one of the most common issues of my fellow guild mates that complain about not being able to sustain maps. If you are running a tier 11+ high tier map than expect to have to put a tad of currency into it. Trust me when I say it is worth it. The maps gives an additional 20% quantity so you get extra currency, more alchs, more chisels, more drops.

6. Alch every map If you are planning on completing the full map and not just boss rushing, alch your map. It does not matter if it is a t2 map or a t15 map. Alch adds a lot more mods which in turn adds a lot more quantity which in turn gives you many more drops (almost always at least 1 alch drop that you spent anyway).

7. Save up 10 of the next tier before moving on Simply put running your highest tier map that you only have 1 or 2 of and not getting any same tier drops or higher and having to go down tiers feels bad. Sometimes you run a map and get 7 or 8 map drops sometimes you run a map and don’t get one. Well in reality its the same RNG but if you save up 10 maps before running them then chances are somewhere in there you will get the super good map drops with no map drops and it will even out.


POE: Each Of The Game Modes Has Its Own Characteristics

Path of Exile

Path of Exile features a variety of challenges, tournaments and items to increase your character’s power in the face of all obstacles encountered during the campaign. Each of the game modes has its own characteristics, differentiating them from the Standard and Hardcore tournaments already in the game. One of the main highlights is the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues, four-month tournaments. Players are pleased to know that cheap path of exile currency for sale.

Path of Exile

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POE: The Thing That Gets Me Is That This Is A Free-to-play Title

Path of Exile

What does the Path of Exile offer that exceeds Diablo 3? Simply put, outstanding build customization, in addition to build customization, PoE also offers other things like PvP, trading, to chaos is more meriah than Diablo 3. Path of Exile has been out on PC for a little while now, but I have only just taken the time to play it since its release on the Xbox One. That being said, games like this can be a little bit grindy, and I think that is the case for Path of Exile as well. Gamers glad to know more news and tips, click here to know more.

Path of Exile

When the game kicks off with its introduction, I found myself clicking away at enemies as though I had been playing the game forever, not for seconds. Still, it takes advantage of what has commonly worked in the action/RPG genre over the years, and creates an approachable sense of familiarity right out of the gates. Most action/RPG titles hang their hat on the cycle of all things loot. Kill critter, get a piece of gear, maybe it’s a marginal amount better, maybe not.

Path of Exile is a Diablo-style action-RPG with an emphasis on exploration and loot collection over combat. It also features minor MMO elements, such as public towns in which players can meet and group up or trade items. For Path of Exile, I find it to be a great game, but I honestly would recommend the PC version over Xbox if you have a PC that can run it. The controls for the Xbox feel dated like playing Diablo on the PS1, it was fun but PC controls better with keyboard mouse.

I think that is the case for Path of Exile as well. It is really easy to sink time into, but if you boil it down, there is a good deal of repetition in the core actions you are performing. The thing that really gets me is that this is a free-to-play title that exudes high quality. The music is really good, and the visuals are equally impressive. To summarize, what made Path of Exile the most riveting ARPG of 2017, why don’t we buy path of exile currency as soon as possible.

Do You Have Any Suggestions On Yellow Beasts In PoE

Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, when I get a yellow beast little spider, just sneezing on it kills it. Would really like to see it get more life since it’s hard to control my Cyclone spins. I wish that the yellow beasts have at least 50% of a red beast’s life.

Path of Exile

The following are the views of other players:

1. Just throw a net on the yellow beast while it has 100% hp and then proceed to kill it. 100% capture chance there.

2. It’s really hard sometimes if it’s a small creature like those little spiders and it comes with a flock of spiders.

3. It usually die the moment I mouse over it. It’s kinda ok since I can select the corpse and use a necronet in case it’s a new/useful beast, but I hope this isn’t the end of this league QOLs.

4. Yellow beasts are just rare beasts with a Bestiary mod. They could probably make it so Bestiary creature mods also increased a creature’s health I guess. Would make reds even tankier, what with them having two of ’em, so they would have to lower their health to compensate.

5. Why do yellow beasts even exist. I feel every beast should be red once youre in a red map. The double layer RNG for red beast, then correct type of red beast makes the league mechanics not exist.

6. Honestly it wouldn’t be so bad if the targetting wasn’t atrocious. For small ones the biggest cancer is trying to clear nearby monsters without killing it.

7. That doesn’t really fix the real problems. If I really want to catch a yellow beast I can throw a net first and then DPS it down. They don’t have the same sort of crazy damage as red ones and you can toy with them a bit.

Of course, I believe that GGG will of course keep working to improve every aspect of the league they can.

Be Careful With The Boss/Challenge/Run Scam In PoE

In Path of Exile, for new collectors of poe orbs, they may be easily scammed in transactions, therefore, knowing how to avoid being scammed is important for them. Today, I will tell you how to avoid boss/challenge/run scam.

This is a scam where the scammers claims to sell a boss run, a challenge or a run of a certain map or achievement for a price. After you pay them they leave or go afk. You never get what you paid for.

Path of Exile

This scam works both ways, there are people who do not pay when they are buying these things too.

To prevent this from happening when you are the buyer, we do the same thing as we did with the crafting scenario. We buy what we want from trusted people. You can find trusted sellers for this under the communities tab on the Path of Exile forums. A good advice is to add sellers you found trustworthy to your friends list. Because most of these people play and sell every single league, so you won’t have to find new people every time you want to buy.

If you’re the seller and want to avoid people not paying for your run, I suggest that you take payment before you start whatever run you are selling and have good portal placement for the buyers to avoid items getting snatched. But then comes the issue of if you’re not a known trustworthy seller then people might have a problem trusting you. You need to build a reputation of sorts before people will fully trust you.

There is no real solution to this trust scenario, other than trying to sell cheap runs at first and build a base of people who trust you to vouch for you. If someone doesn’t pay during your cheap runs then you only lose 2-5 chaos as opposed to if you did expensive runs.

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POE: Your New Adventure Will Begin When You Meet Einhar Frey

Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games released a new content update, called Bestiary, on PC. Aside from even greater challenges, the expansion adds new gems which behave somewhat like active and passive skills. According to the developer, successful launches on Xbox One and in China have more than doubled the player community since August 2017. Finally, the update is out, and it brings the Bestiary league with it. It’s basically Pokemon being brought into Path of Exile.

Path of Exile

You’ll track your progress in the Bestiary, a book you get from Einhar. It will show you the names of the animals, as well as how many you need to catch before your knowledge is deemed sufficient. Your new adventure will begin when you meet Einhar Frey, a hunter that will pass down his knowledge of hunting, capturing and sacrificing beasts in order to get magical items.

The game is a lot darker than Diablo 3, with some of the areas and monsters genuinely unsettling. There are some genuinely ugly beasts you’ll have to take on here, even in the lower levels. A few dungeons may even have you reaching for the light switch, if you’re of a more nervous disposition. More related videos and images, click for source.

Now, my only real experience with this style of game has been Diablo 3, I did enjoy Diablo 3 an awful lot, starting off at a lower difficulty and increasing it through each subsequent playthrough. Graphically, the game is nothing to write home about. But the characters are well rendered and the game does run happily at 1080p and 60ps, with this apparently being upgraded with the arrival of the Xbox One X.

Path of Exile seems like a total no brainer for at least a download to try it out. Unlike some others that hide the game behind massive paywalls, this really does well to avoid any such nonsense. The game is a lot darker than Diablo 3, with some of the areas and monsters genuinely unsettling. There are some genuinely ugly beasts you’ll have to take on here, even in the lower levels. Do you intend to buy path of exile items from U4GM?

Final Fantasy XIV Release And Details Of The Patch 4.25

Path of Exile

Square Enix announces the news that will be added in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood with the arrival of the 4.25 patch that will be released next March 13th.

First of all the patch will contain the wild Forbidden Land of Eureka. This region will include new battle elements that will challenge players and will be critical to obtaining very powerful new weapons. This update will also include the last chapter of the adventures of the extraordinary inspector Hildibrand.


Forbidden Land of Eureka will be a vast and unexplored area that will introduce a series of changes to the usual gameplay:

Up to 144 players can take part in a single instance. We encourage players to team up with other adventurers to drive infamous monsters and complete common goals.
Players will get Elemental EXP to reinforce their domain of elements and can also use the new “Magic Board” feature to customize their elemental affinities, which will help them explore Eureka.
From now on, more strategy will be needed to dominate a system of elements with which players will have to use “Magic Board” to alter the elemental affinity of their attack and counter that of the enemy. Players will customize the elemental attributes of their “Magic Board” before the exploration thanks to a “Magic Melder” and will have to study them very well depending on the objective of the adventure.
Players will occasionally get “protean crystals” by exploring Eureka and can use them to improve Eureka equipment and weapons with the help of the famous blacksmith Gerolt.

In addition, the annual Little Ladies’ Day has begun, which will run until March 14th. The Songbirds will return to Eorzea for another concert and players will be able to celebrate with three new emoticons obtainable by completing a series of special missions. More FFXIV news please keep eyes on FFXIV4GIL.COM which would devote to offer amounts of cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil online.

Path Of Exile Bestiary Available With Patch 3.2.0

Yesterday, the new free expansion of Path of Exile was released on PC: this is the Update 3.2.0, Bestiary, which we have already discussed in recent weeks.

The update introduces the unprecedented Bestiary Challenge League, which allows you to hunt and capture the almost three hundred beasts of the game and then defeat them to craft powerful items. Once captured, each creature will appear in a cage inside our personal Menagerie, an instanced area called the Menagerie, waiting to be sacrificed on the Blood Altar.


This will give access to a new branch of crafting, the Beastcrafting, complete with new recipes that will require to capture and defeat the most ferocious beasts of Wraeclast. It will even be possible to hunt the Spirit Beasts, four ghostly creatures that will guarantee unique pieces of armor.

The Update 3.2.0 also adds a new NPC (Einhar Frey hunter), an unpublished quest to Act 10, new endgame bosses, dozens of new unique items, three new gems and a revamp of all 19 Ascendancy Classes. There are also 30 new fated items and the war with the Shaper and the Elder started in War for the Atlas: the boss fight against both will be the most difficult match of the whole game.

The release of the Bestiary League on Xbox One is scheduled for next week. Grinding Gear Games recently announced that Path of Exile has collected “over 3.5 million players” since last August, with the release of Fall of Oriath.

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