Polishing The Experience Polishing The Experience

Since the end of the most current beta phase, the TERA team has been hard at work implementing new and improved “polish” to the game. A brief post has been activated on the official site to give players some insight into how the team plans to make the May 1st launch smooth and trouble-free.Doing buiness with illegal site might get your account banned. Now you can skip all these hazards and place your order from here. A ton of Safe tera  Gold is ready for you. our  company is  a professional, loyal and reliable gold work group which has been created for years. We are sure we can help you to enjoy a happier time in the game.

Improved Travel: More nonstop flights! Pegasus flights from town to town no longer fly through a major city. Players summon mounts faster to get to the action.
Better Achievements: More achievements to earn, and more rewards (including gear, titles, and mounts) for doing so.
Advanced Glyphs: Take your favorite combat skills up several notches.
Bug Fixes: A reliable, smooth game experience from install to logout.
NPC Voices: More varied voices throughout, including top Hollywood voice actors.


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