RS-Solomon’s General Store: Battle Armour

Solomon’s General Store: Battle Armour

Greetings, adventurer.

The Battle of Lumbridge has begun and sides have been chosen. Whichever faction you have chosen, you’ll want to fly your flag proudly, and my latest release is unveiled with this in mind. I present to you Battle Armour.

Resplendent yet sturdy, the Colossus Armour speaks volumes of its wearers’ dedication to their cause. Titan Armour conjures up images of bravery, valour and spirit – all in a protective shell of metal, of course.

The Behemoth Armour sports razor-sharp edges and deadly spikes for the utmost level of intimidation, while those searching for an imposing, battering-ram quality in their armour might opt for the Beast Armour.

Each armour set consists of overrides for the helm, body, legs, gloves and boots. The Colossus and Behemoth sets also come with a cape override.

No matter which side you fight for, all of this fantastic armour is also available as Veteran sets. Battle-worn and marked with the scars of war, these versions are for those who prefer a more combat-hardened look.

All eight sets of armour are available from my store now, so please do drop in at your earliest convenience. If you wish to purchase additional RuneCoins, you can do so here or by clicking ‘Buy RuneCoins’ inside my store.

Until next time.


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Solomon’s General Store: Battle Armour


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