RuneScape is literally full of momentsRuneScape is literally full of moments

RuneScape is one of the few titles that I find myself coming back to when I don’t need to game, when I am just looking for something fun to do or a world to explore. RuneScape has it all, to the point that it can almost be too much.

RuneScape is literally full of moments like that; moments that can at once make you laugh and cringe, smile and feel a bit sad, scared and thrilled. Lately the developers have been working hard to put in more fully voiced quests, complete with intricate cut-scenes, puzzles to solve, and deep plots that eventually lead to greater and larger danger. The new quest Song from the Depths sent me into a dream world to figure out why the men of a local village were not waking up. The voice acting and singing is top-notch, and the ending had me actually on the edge of my seat. I would have to become a much more powerful warrior to see the end of the tale, but that’s common in Runescape gold. The developers have put in several quests that start off easy enough for newbies but that stretch on for many levels. There’s an over-arching line of stories and quests through the entire experience of playing RuneScape. A player could literally just quest and do nothing else and would have hours and hours of entertainment.

The team at Jagex is possibly one of the hardest working I have ever known. There are game updates pretty much weekly, events and non-combat activities, a very busy and robust player-run economy, PvP, customizable housing, loyalty rewards that can make your character even more unique than usual, activity across all types of social media, and high-quality videos that show behind the scenes and upcoming features. RuneScape powerleveling, despite its very humble origins over 10 years ago, has grown to be what I consider the epitome of a very healthy MMO and development team.


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