Runescape:Beginner’s Guide

What’s Next?

After you’ve got to grips with how to control your character, head on out to the sprawling world of Gielinor to discover a whole host of things to do.

Training Skills

There are a huge range of skills available for your character to learn. Mastering these skills will not only make your life travelling across Gielinor a whole lot easier, but some of them are necessary requirements to completing quests and advancing further in the game. There are 16 skills for non-members to master, with those that subscribe able to access a further nine.

Performing actions related to the skill helps to hone and develop it, and certain skills are able to complement each other as you progress throughout RuneScape. Chopping down a tree with the Woodcutting skill makes logs, ready for use when you want to start a fire with the Firemaking skill, and so forth. Mastering these skills is essential to becoming the complete, all-round RuneScape adventurer.


Quests are an incredible way to spend your time in RuneScape, gaining you experience and more insight into the workings of the world around you. Quests allow you to meet new characters and develop your skills, with different story arcs giving you new, amazing adventures. Free players are able to participate in 20 quests, while members are able to access more than 150.

Quests can range from helping castle officials to gathering ingredients for a royal feast, to leading bands of warriors against savage vampyres and hulking beasts. Members can also discover more about the gods of Gielinor, and learn the secrets they left behind after the God Wars that scarred the very surface of RuneScape.

 Minigames Miniga

Also known as activities, minigames are available to players as a means to gain experience, gather items or simply have fun! Unlike quests, minigames can often be repeated, and can reap great rewards for those who master them. Free players have access to a handful of minigames, with the majority open to members only.


Events spring up from time to time on RuneScape, whether they’re organised to reveal the game’s toughest clan or simply to celebrate a festival like Hallowe’en. The team at Jagex is always coming up with new events to challenge single players and clans alike, and it’s a great way for players to compete and possibly get their name inscribed in the annals of RuneScape history!


Guilds offer players in RuneScape a form of belonging. For instance, being part of a guild can grant you access to certain armours and weapons, while belonging to another can be a proud badge to wear as you travel across Gielinor. Most guilds demand specific requirements for players to join them, such as a certain combat skill level or the completion of particular quests. Guilds help you to shape who you are on RuneScape, and can open up new ways of having fun.


Trading is essential to success in RuneScape. It is easy to do, with the vast majority of trades occurring via the Grand Exchange found in Varrock. Trading can also be done player-to-player, and a lot of players discover the natural merchant within themselves when they approach other players. Becoming a master trader helps adventurers build up vast resources for their quests, and build up an inventory of fantastic items.More game content, please click on the runescape power leveling.