SMITE Interview with Todd HarrisSMITE Interview with Todd Harris

Late last year we started brainstroming ideas around a game inspired by Defense of the Ancients style gameplay, but with a more action-oriented third-person view rather than the traditional real-time-strategy ‘above the battle’ view. In addition to the 3rd person view, we wanted a very strong theme for all the playable characters. We entertained a few different ideas until our CEO Erez proposed mythical gods in January. At that same time my daughter was reading the one of the many novels within the popular Percy Jackson series and it hit me how mythological gods, which I think we were all obsessed with at some point, are still underrepresented in games – particularly as playable characters. I mean who doesn’t want to be a god? So… playable ancient gods, plus action conflict led to the name “SMITE”. 

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