Some of the stuff baddies will throw your way

Death by lag, unlike its choclately namesake, not nearly as tasty but just as deadly. It’s universally assumed that a sixth character class will be included in the Diablo 3 expansion. Fan speculation varies wildly about this issue, but it seems likely that the sixth class will be something of a melee brawler rather than a caster, since the only class who now uses Strength for their damage multiplier is the Barbarian. Fmulder started a lively forum thread with a link to this article on CNN, that covers a number of the various fan dissatisfactions with the game since launch. The article has an odd tone, as it talks about the various fan rages and raves, and quotes Bashiok and other forum posters, but it’s in journalistic style, so it’s kind of stilted and artificial.

It reminded me of how NY Times articles on pop music say things like, “the lyrical stylings of Ms. Gaga and Mr. West.” Forward it to your parents if they want to know what you’ve been doing with your life since May. I bet Mr. Bashiok already did. A quote: Will players still be around for the changes? Some say they have gotten all the enjoyment they can and are moving on. Others say they continue to play, seeking greater rewards in what they can do already. With so many players and fans of the franchise, Blizzard is trying to hit a moving target. It isn’t going to be able to please everyone, and the forum boards will continue to fill with players who aren’t happy with X or want more of Y.

So how are you guys feeling about Diablo 3 these days? That’s obviously a pretty open question, but it seems like the initial wave of “OMG finally finally” which quickly swelled into, “this game is not meeting my impossibly high expectations” has crested, and most of the, “the end game item system sucks” wave is ebbing as well. So now we’ve accepted the state of the game and while some still love Diablo 3, most of us are floating around and hoping for improvements. Will the balance changes and skills overhaul in v1.0.4 bring renewed hope and joy? Further disappointment? Or will we just keep treading water and hoping for salvation from the future Arena and Sets/Uniques overhaul? 

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