Video Demonstration: Teach You How To Score Free Kicks In FIFA 15

Have you been playing FIFA 15 for quite a long time, or just getting into it and can’t master taking free kicks?Recently, EA has released an instructional video showing you how to make the most of your set piece chances, a difficult skill in both the real sport and the game.

The general idea hasn’t changed much over the last few iterations of the FIFA series in terms of controls, but there are a few details that can make the difference between blasting wide and sinking your shot.

In particular, the video focuses on the different styles of free kicks you can take in FIFA 15. The Power Free Kick should be used from range with a strong distance shooter. You use LB/L1 to drive your kick forward, and should aim inside the near post. The Dipping Free Kick is meant for putting your shot up and over the wall, able to rise and then fall from a closer range. You need only to use the shoot button, and to hold your stick forward to get the ball moving upwards.

Enjoy the video below, and learn the skills with tips that could assist you in scoring your chances.

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