Agencies are responsible to pay upkeep on any territory they own in a zone.

This upkeep maintains facilities and the mass teleporters used to respond to attacks. Upkeep increases the more territory an Agency controls, such that it’s painless to control a small amount of territory, and increasingly more difficult to control a hoard of territories.

Territory upkeep is calculated as 400*(# of hexes^2). This upkeep is charged each time a zone opens where you have territory.

Failure to pay the upkeep will result in production in all territories stopping, and eventually in losing territory control.

Type /territoryupkeep in chat for a summary of upcoming tax.

An Alliance may only consist of up to six Agencies. Because each Agency has the ability to have a Headquarters, this limit prevents massive fracturing of Agencies to support additional HQ’s.

Having two production facilities (Labs, Factories, or Mines) of the same type adjacent to each other provides a production bonus! A facility receives a 5% production bonus for each adjacent facility of the same type. Note that this is only provided by facilities owned by your AGENCY. Same type facilities of the Alliance do not provide this bonus. This bonus stacks with any bonus provided by a rare resource.

TIP: This makes it very desirable to cluster same type facilities together, and to own connected hexes as an Agency.