The Chronicles of SpellbornThe Chronicles of Spellborn


Spellborn was a game I’d hardly heard of before being assigned to review it back in 2009. While I ultimately gave the game a 7.7 due to myriad issues holding it back, I could easily see the game’s potential as I was surprised with how much fun I actually had with it despite its flaws. Questing in Spellborn wasn’t your typical grab a ton of quests and run out affair. The quests often required a bit more thought, sometimes employing puzzles, and definitely requiring you to read the quest text (oh the horror!) in order to figure out what exactly you needed to do. What really impressed me though was the game’s extremely deep combat system and convincing AI.

Combat in Spellborn was action combat before TERA did it and involved a unique tumbler-like hotbar comprised of multiple decks that rotated as you used different abilities.  Skills often played off each other, which meant that coming up with combos that created optimal synergy was key to surviving in battle.

One of my first encounters with the game’s AI made me wonder if I were fighting other players at first. The mobs would try to kite me and even send their tank-like enemies in first to try and block off the ranged attackers.

Oh, and the game was beautiful. It wasn’t the most technically beautiful game, no, but the art style was particularly striking. 

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