The UI Video PreviewThe UI Video Preview

During this past weekend’s beta event, we had a team with boots on the ground to bring our readers great coverage of Guild Wars 2. In this video preview, we take a look at the user interface that players will be faced with in Guild Wars 2. Enjoy the video and our pithy commentary.

This past weekend was the’s second such event with the Guild Wars 2 beta, and as such we felt it necessary to dive into the more minute aspects of the game.  Perhaps things some folks wouldn’t really talk about at sites that aren’t so acutely focused on the genre as we are.  To that end, in the video preview below, you’ll see just about everything when it comes to the User Interface of GW2. The only things we couldn’t show just yet are the Commerce menu (item shop) and the Trading Post (the auction house). Those bits and pieces are still under NDA as they’re far from final.  Still, if you want to get an up close look at the map system, the Hero Journal (your personal character’s repository) and the achievements, this is the video for you.