The War Z : Unpolished, But AddictiveThe War Z : Unpolished, But Addictive



Now that the wraps are off The War Z, we’ve got a full written preview to share with our audience. If you’re looking for an addictive post apocalyptic zombie shooter, look no further. Keep reading!

The War Z, from Hammerpoint Interactive, aims to give the world a Buy-to-Play zombie survival MMO in much the same way DayZ has as a mod for ARMA II.  Only, death in TWZ isn’t permanent unless you want it to be. There will also be private servers and player created “Stronghold” maps to add to the game’s content.  There will be clans, character progression, even missions, player created content and much more that bring The War Z closer to the MMORPG genre than its forebear.  I’ve been in the Alpha and now Beta for some time, and while it hasn’t been without its fair share of issues, crippling bugs, and just plain old goofy antics, I find myself logging into the game quite often. What does that mean? Well, I expect it means that the core principals the game is built on (survival in a world where zombies and players are all enemies) is a solid one. It’s improved quite a bit over the past few weeks, and while many features are still only promised and not included, The War Z is definitely a game to watch.

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