The Way Diablo 3 Could Become an esport

Justin Oswald Paul, I don’t see this happening any time within the next few years. I do not think the developers are going to be pushing any sort of e-sport functions. Paul Tassi, which seems incredibly short-sighted of them. They’re wasting a huge opportunity here, and fans will deride them even more if they come out with a 30 comments. They’re wasting a huge opportunity here, and fans will deride them even more if they come out now it’s been well over a year now since I started covering eSports as part of my video game focus here on Forbes. Professional Starcraft has come to the west, and continues to be a hugely popular past time around the world.

League of Legends prizes are now totaling millions, and the viewership for its pro events rivals that of traditional TV broadcasts. Needless to say, a game that becomes more than just a game is rare. It takes a certain combination of strategy, skill and entertainment for a game to work as an actual sport. Blizzard has already done it once with Starcraft, and it’s not unheard of to say that it could happen with one of their other properties as well, Diablo 3. I’ve previously written on Diablo 3′s central problem at the moment, the lack of an endgame. After players beat the game a dozen or so times, there’s nothing to do but farm items in order to more quickly farm items. It’s a rather tiresome recursive loop.

There were many suggestions on how to extend the endgame, but only one of them is confirmed as being in development, PvP. Though PvP might not appeal to the type of players normally accustomed to fighting the AI environment, I’m coming to believe that it could open up a door for Diablo 3 to become a full fledged eSport, as it could have something that these other games do not, high stakes. 

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