There are a lot of areas in Mists

There are a lot of areas in Mists of Pandaria that have gotten mixed reviews. However, one area that is really impressive to me is in the Dungeons. There are some very solid encounters to work through in each of the new instaces as well as the challenge modes. Challenge Mode really is the icing on the new dungeon system cake. I played the dungeons as a Healer on my Shaman, because of the quick wait times to get in. I am trying to write everything out here without giving spoilers, although by this time most of you have played through the instances anyway… still, enjoy the good and the bad as we comb through each.


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The starter Flashpoints, The Esseles (Republic) and the Black Talon (Imperial) strongly focus on story in the way BioWare has described, but the developer has added new Flashpoints to the game that are more akin to your typical dungeon run. These additional Flashpoints were mentioned during the main Star Wars: The Old Republic panel at this year’s New York Comic-Con as a way of giving a choice to players who are more interested in a straightforward experience focused on gameplay or puzzles. The additional Flashpoints, story focused and otherwise (a total of 15!), will allow players to basically level up via Flashpoints at any juncture in the game if they so choose. Everyone loves variety, right
The team mapped out the player breakdown into three areas: Class abilities, Spec Abilities and Talents. Players choose their spec at level ten. The big news on this topic is that WoW is doing away with Talent points and ranks. The new system allows you to choose a talent every fifteen levels. Once you reach that stage you will have three choices. They are working hard to make the system have no mandatory talents, in other words every talent has value and the player can decide how to use them. Also you can change talents in the game as easily as you change glyphs.

They are really working on making the talents a very simplified system. When designing the new Challenge dungeons it seem like they are testing the idea of not having the holy trinity of classes needed to run through the instance. This change lends itself to the changes in talents so players are not left out of dungeons due to their spec or design.

Some players may see this as a further casual approach to the game, however revamping the talent system has always been an important part of WoW and several approaches have been tried. Pandaria will bring in the most extreme changes, but the team feels very strongly about players being able to have more creative choices with their talents. The pitfalls of the early talent tree was that every player had to have the same spec to remain competitive in the dungeon raids,instances, and even PVP. This new approach to talents will really shake up the systems in the game and help more casual players get involved while other more hardcore players will still have the choices to make to spec their characters as needed.


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