To find a thrill in Runescape quests

Runescape features over one hundred thirty quests; you have your favorites and your grudges. I personally find a thrill in Runescape quests; there are very few quests that don’t have a solid background meaning or deepening storyline under them. At some points you can just freeze and tell the craftsmanship that went into designing and creating a certain puzzle, or a certain item reward, or a new area you get to explore is just amazing. For a full list of quests, check out one of Runescapes fansites located in the links at the bottom of this article. Mini-games are just one of the ways that the good folk of RuneScape use to keep their world interesting and you can take advantage of them to earn experience, get some great new equipment or simply have fun.

Runescape currently has twenty-seven available games ranging from anything to Castle Wars ( a capture the flag remake). To the Champions challenge, which required you to defeat the champion of each race in hand to hand combat with different rules and regulations. Each mini-game has its own reward; anything from a new outfit, to constant new experience in certain skills. A list of Runescape mini-games can be found on the knowledge base. This section is purposely my shortest. Most of these poorly edited, poorly thought out, and poorly supported videos mostly updated by video editing rejects who have just recently mastered titles in Windows movie maker. Im a little sick of hearing MC Hammer’s Cant touch this while watching every Runescape Vs Wow Video.

One thing every single one of these videos do is that they refrain from making an actual account on the Runescape website (showing their laziness as researchers), and find the worst, choppy, bright, ugly, disgusting, they can with the most dull of scenery and action. Then on top of that, they put that in their chopped down, poorly converted and compressed video, further hurting the quality. But not their wow footage that needs to be captured themselves, and then it needs to be put through several video filters and add clean looking text. 

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