upgrading expansion pack

As we all know that the game must go to upgrade and hotfixes again over again so that

it can drive the players attention and keep them going on that.
The Wow is a best example, it is upgraded again. Even if you do not own the Wow

expansion pack, you can roll a new Pandaren and get to Pandaria. It is not very hard

to achieve this with huge amount of cheap Wow gold. You have to upgrade if you want

to create a Monk. After then, you can unlock all the races which consist of Shaman,

Hunter, Priest, Warrior, Mage and Rogue. However, Death Knights won’t be included.

The Wandering Isle is the starting area of the Pandaren. As a matter of fact, it is a

huge turtle with mountains. You can get training prior to doing anything. The most

laid back locations of World of Warcraft include the Wandering Isle. You need to

handle with the worst Carrotcrunchers(a few monkeys and killer rabbits) there. The

panda have to practice to kick them all the time.
Review image
The pace of the races in the beginning is far slower than those of Cataclysm. Detail

and color are used to pack the big and lovely locations in Mists of Pandaria despite

the old engine of World of Warcraft. Being fat is the most interesting thing for the

races. However, it won’t make them suffer from more falling damage. Better cooking

skills are the racial traits of Pandaren.

There is a main addition in the new Wow expansion. It is Monks class. Leather armor

is equipped with them. They center on staves. Chi is built up by them with their

energy. The Touch Of Death is the most awesome attack from Monk. The recharges of the

attack are very quick. Chi can be raised with a couple of build-up.
The Flying Serpent Kick is the king of them. You can practice to get good timing if

you want to use the kick with high efficient. This is one of the ways for you to get

humiliated entirely in battle. You need to avoid the laggard moment. 

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