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Slender West Lake and Taxation College only separated by a wall from the east of the Taxation College taken the step the “CentreStage door” is the Slender West Lake Beilang. Beilang promenade similar to the Summer Palace, the difference is by the Taxation College side walls, wall every few steps it was covered with a Yangzhou ancient masters Poetry and stone carvings, poetic, calligraphy, carving, called treasures. Beilang middle of Jiang Zemin inscribed “poetry and ancient Yangzhou” stone. Yangzhou is the hometown of Jiang Zemin, he often referred to the foreign guests Slender West Lake views, also has personally accompanied the DPRK Kim Il Sung, of France Chirac swim Slender West Lake, visible Slender West Lake in his standing in the eyes. Beilang southern end of a rockery composed of small attractions, the wall was covered with Zheng Banqiao inscribed “Song Huan ancient Yangzhou” monument. Zheng Banqiao the Qing Dynasty Eight Eccentrics first poetry paintings are swan song, to Liufang world.

After the the tablet porch is twenty-four scenic bridge. Twenty Four Bridge scenic Kishun station, the West Bank, the the exquisite community and the east coast of Li generals painting This Xuan, the Wangchun floor and connected on both sides of Twenty Four Bridge. Twenty-four bridges Yangzhou famous attractions, from the West Coast to the East Coast by a mountain stream, plank, single-hole arch bridge in turn, W “shaped pingqiao and” flute Pavilion. The mountain stream both sides of the bimodal confrontation by Yellowstone Diecheng, bamboo cableway across the meantime, it is called “sail down the plank road. The stone arch bridge was jade ribbon, on both sides of each of the 24 steps, 24 jade railing on both sides, in recent years, using the name of the bridge, “twenty-four” said the new appearance of the Old Bridge is not known. Round the bridge is not so much famous in the bridge, as it became known in the poem. Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu poem reads: “the Castle Peak faint water far-off and fall best the Jiangnan leaf does not wither moon night of the twenty-four bridges, partner in where to teach flute. The poem circulated Millennium, famous overseas. Mao Zedong personally handwritten poem, now engraved in Kishun front of a white marble stele, attracted numerous visitors come to take a photo.